Boston and Boulder, Colorado, share a special distinction:They lead the nation in marijuana use. Northwestern Iowa andsouthern Texas have the lowest use. The federal governmenttracks the use of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol andvarious other substances, both legal and illegal, so theycan figure out where tax dollars should be used fortreatment and prevention programs.

According to, a little over 5% of people inthe US report using marijuana in the previous 30 days, andmany of them live in college towns. Boulder is home to theUniversity of Colorado, while Boston is home to BostonUniversity, Boston College, Northeastern and several othercolleges. In college towns, a little over 12% of respondentsreport using marijuana in the past month.

But the federal report doesn’t explain why people in certainareas smoke more cigarettes than others, or why they drinkmore alcohol. Teens are often less concerned about futurehealth problems than older people are, and that couldaccount for heavy smoking rates, since smoking is stillperceived in certain circles to be sophisticated or to keepyour weight down. The same could be true for drinkingalcoholic beverages. The problem is, before you know it,you’re hooked?and then it’s too late to change easily,especially if you have the DNA for an addictive personality.Nicotine is known to be asaddictive asheroin. We hate to tell you this, but cutting down thenumber of cigarettes you smoke doesn’t here tofind out why.

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