Indonesia is currently the country that is the most affected by bird flu. So far, there is no concrete evidence that the virus is passing from person to person, but poultry infected with the disease have been found in almost every one of the country?s provinces and the 44 human deaths from the disease are spread evenly across the country. Has it arrived in the US? Two wild swans found in Michigan are reported to have it, but scientists don’t think it’s the dangerous Asian strain that has killed almost 140 people around the world, so far.

Kate McGeown writes in BBC News that Indonesia has now Hong Kong, China and Vietnam, when it comes to having the most bird flu deaths. A few months ago, it killed seven members of the same family, giving rise to fears that it may have been transmitted person-to-person, in this case at least.

WHO (World Health Organization) executives don?t think they will be able to make an accurate assessment of person-to-person transmission until they get the animal flu cases under control.

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