A study of men in Ontario, Canada provides a new twist on the connection between sexual orientation and right or left-handedness. Earlier studies showed that gay men (and lesbians) were 39% more likely than heterosexuals to be left-handed. This new data provides evidence that gay or bisexual men also have an elevated incidence of extreme right-handedness.

To complicate matters, another factor is involved?the often-reported finding that having older brothers may be a predictor for men being gay. The new study results indicate that the number of older brothers moderates the relationship between handedness and sexual orientation, meaning that extreme right-handedness finding is only seen in men with no or few older brothers. Confused yet?

The main point of this study is that it?s more evidence that gayness is genetic. As researcher Robert-Jay Green says, “These new research findings add further weight to the idea that biological factors play a significant role in the development of sexual orientation.”

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