On August 17, Unknowncountry published its 8th story questioning the official account of the death of Princess Diana. In that story, we reported that British police were opening a new investigation based on claims being made that a member of the British military orchestrated the accident that killed her and Dodi Fayed. Now, just 6 weeks later, new concerns have appeared. Exclusive stories recently published by the UK Express newspaper report that film footage of Diana’s last moments has been kept secret. The information was obtained from a CCTV operator who has demanded anonymity due to fears for his own safety; he claims that images of Diana’s car would have been captured on CCTV many times during her final journey, but that tapes would have revealed too much about the events that took place and so were never made available. Known facts appear to substantiate these claims: it was always a mystery why a key traffic camera overlooking the scene of the crash in the Alma Tunnel was switched off at the time and so did not record the events.
Pascal Poulain, commander of the Paris Information and Control Centre which was in charge of Alma Tunnel camera, said that they had attempted to manipulate and manoeuvre the camera that night in order to view the scene of the accident, but it was impossible as it appeared that control of the camera had been taken over by another section.

A thorough enquiry has since confirmed the existence of video evidence which would have been relevant to the case, but as most of the CCTV cameras belong to private companies they were not obliged to surrender this to the authorities due to strict French laws regarding privacy. The secret informant remains convinced that police could have forced the companies to relinquish their images, particularly in such a high-profile case, and therefore believes that all available tapes were in fact obtained but then destroyed to hide the facts.

He commented: "This suited lots of powerful people, especially those who wanted to dismiss the crash as a simple traffic accident".

Other information divulged in the recent reports includes a statement from an UK ex-military security officer that the phones of Diana and Dodi Fayed were being bugged by GCHQ, and that these recordings could possibly substantiate claims by the now infamous former SAS serviceman ¬’Soldier N’ that an SAS assassination squad had been responsible for Diana’s murder. The security officer was a specialist engaged in secret GCHQ operations, and could confirm that Diana’s phone was regularly accessed and listened to remotely, as he said she was considered to be a "priority intelligence target and a threat to the crown."

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