Here’s a way to cure those restless nights–stop sleeping!

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. If there was a DISEASE that robbed us of one-third of our lives, we’d invent a medicine to cure it!

We don’t really understand why we sleep in the first place. Different species vary widely in their hours of sleep. Herbivores sleep far less than carnivores (because they have less onerous foods to digest?) Elephants sleep about four hours a night, compared with almost 20 hours for a lion. Humans are omnivores, so our sleep habits fall somewhere in the middle.

But not every human is alike. While most of us need sleep to be efficient in the daytime, there are people who perform BETTER after a sleepless night. Sleep-deprived people are both more likely to take risks, and less likely to be able to make imaginative decisions or do logical planning.

The latest sleep research is focused not on sedatives to help us sleep but on stimulants to keep us AWAKE. On the Aeon Magazine website, Jessa Gamble writes: "Now a life lived at 150% might be within our grasp. Are we brave enough to choose it?"

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