No, it’s not something out of an old 1950’s horror movie. It’s a mysterious object that lies deep beneath central Nevada, underneath the Great Basin. This mysterious blob is 30-60 miles wide and made of an unknown material the consistency of honey. Geologists think this might be part of the outer crust of the earth that is (for some reason) dripping.

They think a heavy object, such as an asteroid, hit the earth between 15 and 20 million years ago at that point, pushing the mantle down to between 50 and 300 miles beneath the surface until it resembles what scientists are calling “honey dripping off a spoon.” The object was most likely a comet, which is made of ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide and water (in the form of ice). Since these ingredients would all disappear shortly after impact, this would explain why no trace of the object is left.

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