The Baltic Anomaly, a strangely shaped object discovered last year at the bottom of the Baltic Ocean, has proved to be harder to fathom than researchers originally believed. It now appears that it might be far older than thought, possibly associated with an ancient mining operation. Last summer, our final report on the anomaly we reported that some of the researchers had concluded that the object might have been something placed there by the Nazis to disrupt Russian submarine navigation. However, after more fragments have been brought to the surface, it has developed that the anomaly contains a complex mix of metals, and is not the concrete block it was originally thought to be. Project Director Peter Lindberg has concluded that "it is not an object that was man made in modern times. Whatever it is, it’s either from during the ice age or pre-ice age." Others are theorizing that it could be some sort of modern metallic object, the purpose of which remains unknown, but the metals found are more suggestive of mining and smelting operations than a sunken ship. More study is planned over the region’s short summer diving season.


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