On June 13, a peculiar object was videotaped moving slowlyover Salt Lake City. Despite the fact that the objectexhibits significant mechanical detail in a clear videotape,it has been claimed that it was a mylar blimp owned by a mancalled Daniel Geery. However it’s not yet clear that Mr.Geery’s blimp has the same configuration as the videotapedobject, and a strikingly similar object was videotaped overLiverpool inEngland in July of 2001.

In our story atthe time, we wrote, “On July 3rd at around 11 a.m., dozensof people in England saw what they described as a longsilvery cigar shaped flying object. Most of the witnessessaid the object appeared out of nowhere. One woman said shesaw the shadow of the object first, because it was a brightsunny day, when suddenly a huge shadow swept over the nearbystreets. People looked up and saw what was described as aZeppelin or an airship.”

A broadcast in Japanese was picked up, apparently from theairship, as it passed over Liverpool. This appeared to be adiscussion of location between a man and woman aboard the craft.

In the months since, our attempts to follow up on this storymet with a blank wall. The mystery was never solved, and TomSlemen the original investigator commented on hiswebsite that “I covered that casewhen I was at Radio Merseyside, and listened to a lot of thecalls. An individual claiming he was a Gorvernment officialrang the station and told several people to ‘stop that manfrom talking about the airship’ – that man he was referingto was me. Inquiries were made and no one knew who the’official’ was.”

In the late 19th Century, thefirst UFO’flap’ involved an airship that was seen all over thewestern United States, which reputedly crashed in Aurora,Texas. The sightings continued in a series of waves forabout ten years. There was also a mysterious airshipsighting over Liverpool in1913.

To resolve this mystery, Daniel Geery needs to exhibit hisblimp in flight, with the same detail and scalerecorded on the object in the June 13 video.

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