The Taos Hum, the Bristol Hum, the Kokomo Hum: mystery hums are heard all over the world and are driving sufferers crazy. Sometimes the hums have been identified as traffic or factory noise, but mostly they can only be heard in very specific spots, such as one home on a street or a certain neighborhood, and the source cannot be identified. Generally they cannot be recorded, and yet people complaining of them do not have diseases like tinnitus, or chronic ringing in the ears. Mysterious booming sounds are another mysterious problem worldwide. Now Dr. David Baguely, head of Audiology at Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge believes that one reason for the hum may hearing made over-sensitive by the victim fixing on sub-audible sounds, of which there are many in the world, including distant factory noise and even a sound emitted by the earth itself. But is that the only reason for the hum? Conspiracy theories abound, ranging from the testing of secret weapons and mind control devices to the sound made by alien bases hidden underground. Whatever the reason, the hum drives more and more victims up a wall every day, and the Low Frequency Noise Sufferers Association reports that it receives two or three new cases every week. Most victims are over fifty, and are women, who may have more sensitive ears than men (they have more sensitive noses) or are less likely to have done some of the things that lead to deafness.

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