How does al-Qaeda recruit terrorists in the U.S.??mostly in prisons. Bitter, disaffected inmates?especially racial minorities who may already feel they are not part of society?are ripe for recruitment and can be trained to participate in terror attacks when they get out. Besides the high cost of caring for our large prison population, this is another reason to release people imprisoned for minor drug offenses, since their resentment at being given long mandatory sentences makes them susceptible to terrorist indoctrination.

Muslim clergy working in prisons do the recruiting, according to the FBI. Counter-terrorism chief John Pistole says, “These terrorists seek to exploit our freedom to exercise religion to their advantage by using radical forms of Islam to recruit operatives. Unfortunately, U.S. correctional institutions are a viable venue for such radicalization and recruitment.” Because of this, the U.S. government plans to no longer hire Muslim chaplains trained by Saudi-financed organizations.

Federal prisons contain 9,600 Muslims, which is 5.5% percent of all inmates. Right now, there’s a hiring freeze on any new chaplains until the new rules are in place.

War is nothing new, but only in the past few years has genetic science progressed far enough to enable us to see the shadow of an unknown science in our own genes. Learn all about it on this week’s Dreamland!

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