For the last ten years, theoretical physicists have shown that the intense connections generated between particles as established in the quantum law of "entanglement" may hold the key to eventual teleportation of quantum information–and human beings?

Once considered impossible, in 1993 a team of scientists calculated that teleportation could work in principle using quantum laws. Quantum teleportation harnesses the "entanglement" law to transmit particle-sized bites of information across potentially vast distances in an instant.

Entanglement involves a pair of quantum particles such as electrons or protons that are intrinsically bound together, retaining synchronization between the two that holds whether the particles are next to each other or on opposing sides of a galaxy.

Could this be the solution to long distance romances?

Einstein loathed the theory of quantum entanglement, dismissing it as "spooky action at a distance," but entanglement has since been proven to be a very real feature of our universe, and one that has extraordinary potential to advance all manner of scientific endeavor.

Mathematician Sergii Strelchuck says, "Entanglement can be thought of as the fuel which powers teleportation."

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