The Taliban have abandoned plans to surrender their spiritual heartland in Kandahar because of a prophetic dream Mullah Mohammed Omar had, according to his brother.

The southern city of Kandahar was where the Taliban first emerged, and Kandahar is where they are taking their last stand. It is one of only two cities in Afghanistan still under Taliban control, and Mullah Omar, their one-eyed commander, is believed to be inside the city. Kandahar is the main city of the ethnic, Pashtun-dominated south, where the Northern Alliance, who swept through most of the country including the capital of Kabul, have no support.

Recent reports said that Mullah Omar had agreed to surrender, since he faces almost certain defeat. But Ahmad Karzai says he changed his mind because he had a prophetic dream in which he remained in power. ?I have had a dream in which I am in charge for as long as I live,? Karzai quotes Mullah Omar as saying.

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