Afghan cities are ghost towns. Refugees are pouring out of the country, despite attempts at border control by surrounding countries. As many as eight million Aghans may soon be at risk of starvation soon, and one and a half million are at immeidate risk.

Now, lower level Taliban officials and soldiers are quitting, and military conscription is in chaos, according to CNN. Students released from Islamic school in order to join the army are instead becoming refugees.

Numerous Taliban security checkpoints have been abandoned. Tribal leaders in various parts of the country are urging Arab fighters from abroad to leave the country.

In spite of what appears to be a spreading collapse of the Taliban authority, the Afghani, the national currency, has begun to strengthen. This is probably because of the fact that local business people see a change of regime coming.

The US has called on the Afgan people to throw off the Taliban and seek for a better and more humane form of government.

Insight: It is beginning to appear that our most important weapon in the war against the terrorists is fear of us and hatred for the brutality of the terrorists themselves. We believe that, at most, a minor conflict will take place in Afghanistan that will involve the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden and his organization. However it does not seem that any sort of a war is going to be fought, despite the statements of Tony Blair. The threat of attack, given a few more weeks, will probably be enough.

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