Genevieve Haas writes that a new pill developed by CereMedix, based at Northeastern University, could help you live to be a healthy 120 years old. The pill repairs lung damage from smoking, reverses Alzheimer’s, repairs injuries from strokes and heart disease and cures diabetes?all by stimulating the production of natural anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, and help repair the body’s natural defenses against aging. But in order to absorb enough anti-oxidants to live to a healthy old age, you would need to eat 30 pounds of fruits and vegetables a day.

CereMedix CEO Steve Parkinson says humans are capable of living between 120 and 160 years. Most of us don’t make it because our bodies can’t repair the damage caused by aging, and those who do live to an extreme old age are usually too unhealthy to enjoy it.

In tests, when a rat that suffered a stroke was given the pill, the effects of the stroke were almost completely reversed. Old mice that received the drug were permanently rejuvenated. In cream form, the drug could make us look as young as we’ll feel. Do cosmetics companies see dollar signs here?

The REAL secret to eternal youth isn’t anti-oxidants, it’s?.well, you’d better talk to Lilith.

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