No, not the kind that tells how much you’ve been drinking–the kind that tells your doctor if you’re SICK! Scientists are creating electronic and chemical breathalyzers that examine your exhalations for signs of cancer, tuberculosis, asthma and exposure to radiation.

In the July 2nd edition of the New York Times, Anne Eisenberg quotes researcher Raed Dweik as saying, "Breath is a rich matrix that can reflect our state of health or disease. There are clear signatures in the breath for liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease" and diseases of the lungs. "My sense is that breath analysis is the future of medical testing, complementing many of the blood and imaging steps we do today."

It’s certainly easier than a blood test (although not quite as easy as peeing in a cup). Trained dogs can smell cancer with 99% accuracy. Eisenberg quotes researcher Peter Mazzone as saying, "We are getting better and better, but whether we will ever approach the accuracy of the dog–we don’t know."

If only there were a breath test for UFO contact, then "experiencers" wouldn’t be laughed at anymore. Here at, we happen to think that circumstantial evidence is enough, since we’re heard SO MANY fascinating and unique stories from these people. If YOU want to hear them too, subscribe today!

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