President Assad of Syria says his country?s intelligence operatives, who are notorious for using torture to get information, are secretly cooperating with American agents in the fight against al-Qaeda. He?s miffed because Syria, which has been our enemy for many years now, is not getting any credit for their efforts. He?s threatening to disclose details of the joint Syrian-U.S. program if we don?t acknowledge it and says that Syria tipped us off three months ago to a al-Qaeda plan that would have killed ?many American soldiers.?

The Bush administration continues to list Syria as a state sponsor of terrorism. Assad warns that, “If they continue to call Syria a terrorist nation, I will talk about it,” meaning he?ll spill the details about the joint Syrian-U.S. effort. He issued the threat after it was revealed that Mohammed Haydar Zammar, a German citizen who was born in Syria, has been in Syrian custody for months. He was secretly arrested in Morocco and flown to Syria with full American knowledge, according to a U.S. official.

American agents have been allowed to submit written questions to Zammar and have received a steady flow of information in return (perhaps thanks to Syrian torture techniques). German officials have been searching for Zammar for some time, and learned of his incarceration only recently. Germany’s Foreign Ministry says, “We are keen to find out what is happening because, although he is Syrian-born, he has German nationality and we should have consular access.” German police questioned him shortly after September 11 but released him due of lack of evidence that he was involved in the attacks.

U.S. officials also confirm that Morocco is holding Abu Zubair Haili, a leading al-Qaeda terrorist known as “The Bear.” The U.S. hasn?t sought the extradition of either terrorist, perhaps because they can be interrogated more effectively away from the prying eyes of the U.S. media, who have been critical of the treatment of war prisoners in U.S. Army camps in Cuba.

Alastair Hodgett, a spokesman for Amnesty International, says, “Whereas in the past the United States has often endeavored to ensure people do not end up in the hands of torturers, we’ve seen a new willingness to transfer people to countries where torture is known to take place.”

Our new alliance with Syria brings up an interesting question: After we get the Islamic terrorist threat under control, will be have new allies in the Middle East?and perhaps new enemies as well? It may be that former allies will become our enemies and our former enemies?who now want to please us to avoid an Afghanistan-like invasion and encourage a U.S. dollar flow?will be our new friends. It will be interesting to see what effect this has on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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