While Super Typhoon Hagibis, currently on track to strike the city of Tokyo, isn’t the strongest tropical cyclone on record, is certainly massive, and at 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) wide, the storm is larger than Japan itself—literally, it is expected to engulf the entirety of the island nation as it passes over. The Japan Meteorological Agency has classified the storm as “violent”, their highest strength classification for a tropical storm.

Although Hagibis has weakened from its peak on October 7, it intensified explosively on that day in only a matter of hours, jumping from being a severe tropical storm to a Category-5 super typhoon with one-minute sustained wind speeds of 260 km/h (160 mph), and a central pressure that dipped as low as 900 hPa—10 hPa lower than Hurricane Dorian’s pressure when it devastated the Bahamas.

Sustained winds of over 240 km/h (150 mph) are forecast to hit Tokyo when the storm makes landfall, making Hagibis the strongest storm to hit the region in decades.
Hagibis is also striking Japan during a full moon, so the expected high tides will exacerbate an already strong storm surge, forecast to be up to 13 meters (42.7 feet) high, a recipe for floods that could devastate parts of Japan’s coastline.

The storm has forced the cancellation of nearly all domestic and international flights to and from Japan, and the disruption of two major sporting events, including the cancellation of the Rugby World Cup, and the postponement of the Japanese Grand Prix.
As the weather system causing Hagibis tracks northeast across the North Pacific towards Alaska over the start of next week, it is expected to have a downstream impact on the jetstream, pumping heat energy into this major air current. The result is expected to create a stark divide in the weather patterns over North America, with the northeastern portion of the continent receiving cold weather, while the western half will see higher than usual temperatures.
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  1. Between rapidly intensifying weather worldwide and intensifying political and military chaos how long before the collapse?

  2. These patterns have been happened for multiple thousands of years before recorded history.

    1. Tim you deniers are always short on solid data and don’t “believe” the current abundance of data. But you know/believe because “everybody knows” that nothing has changed for thousands of years because god is in charge…am I right?

    2. Yes, this goes without saying, but could you clarify what you’re trying to get across? Your post is a bit ambiguous…

  3. Author

    How do you know, given that you’re talking about an era prior to any record keeping?

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