When Whitley and Art Bell wrote “The Coming Global Superstorm” in 1999, based in part on information that Whitley received from the Master of the Key, (which went on to become the hit film The Day After Tomorrow), meteorologists scoffed at the idea that global warming could lead to massive storms, but now the authors have been vindicated.

Meteorologists now say that the temperature changes brought on by global warming are significant enough to cause an increase in the occurrence of severe storms, which cause flooding, damaging winds, hail and can lead to tornados. Current examples of this are floods in Pakistan and mud slides in China. A new study reveals that by the end of this century, the number of these severe storms could more than double in some locations, such as Atlanta and New York, and that this increase will occur during stormy seasons and not during dry seasons when it might be at least somewhat helpful.

Storm clouds form as moisture evaporates from the earth into the atmosphere, where the droplets jostle against each other. The air cools off rapidly as it reaches higher altitudes. When a cold front (the boundary between where the cold air from one air mass) meets the surrounding air, this will force warm, moist air upward into the colder air. This moist air cools off and the water vapor condenses onto tiny particles in the air forming clouds. As more and more water droplets collide inside a cloud, their atoms bounce off each other more forcefully, knocking off electrons. This produces lightning.

It’s another amazing revelation which affects the future of all of us. Meteorologist Jeff Trapp says, “What we found is that increases in human-induced greenhouse gases will lead to more frequent severe storms in the United States. This obviously impacts people in terms of potential hazards to their life and property.” Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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