UPDATE! – In this week’s subscriber section, Whitley meditates on two new crop circles and discovers that they are predicting something about the SUN. He even has a specific TIME and DATE when solar changes will happen!

Scientists who study jet streams deep within the atmosphere of the sun have discovered that they are moving into areas that will cause the new sunspot cycle to start again in earnest. Because this solar jet stream flows beneath the surface of the sun, it’s not directly visible, but its results certainly are. This will mean another solar maximum, and with it a resumption in the intense weather changes associated with global warming here on earth. The reprieve may be over and all we’ve done is to lower the MPG standards for automobiles.

On the NASA website, Tony Phillips quotes solar researchers Rachel Howe and Frank Hill as saying that “just as this sluggish stream reaches the usual active latitude of 22 degrees, a year late, we finally begin to see new groups of sunspots emerging.”

Here’s what WE’VE done lately: Brought you an exciting new Dreamland Festival (hear all about it on this week’s Revelations!) plus an extraordinary tee shirt to wear to the festival (with great jewelry to accessorize it) PLUS an exciting comic to read on the plane. Have you done anything for us lately to make sure we’ll still be here tomorrow?

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