Whitley writes in his new journal, “?This planet is in the process of an extinction event?I believe?that there is somebody in close contact with us?on the ground, in fact, and in control of much government apparatus?who does not want us to grow and survive; who, in fact, seeks our death. Something else, calling to us from outside, speaks on behalf of our survival and our entry into the universe?The coming close proximity of Mars suggests that this positive presence will have an unprecedented opportunity to interact with us in the coming weeks.” Don’t miss this important journal entry.

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A note added July 24, 2003: This has been an exceptionally controversial journal entry, largely due to the fact that people are unaware of the scientific basis of certain of my statements. I have provided this background elsewhere, but I will provide it again: Sudden Climate Change. Also, from the Atlanti c Monthly.

There have been dozens of references since. The Superstorm scenario has become accepted as a scientific possibility, just as was the Warday scenario in its day, after an initial period of denial and controversy.

Current Ongoing Extinction Event. There is no real scientific argument about this. It’s only emotional. People would rather not believe it was true, but the evidence is overwhelming.

As far as dating the beginning of this event to the rise of the Central American Land Bridge, there has not been an era since that has included a staticstical increase in varieties of fauna worldwide. In fact, the number of species has been in decline since then, and has, in the past ten thousand years, and especially in the past hundred, accelerated, as the references above make abundantly clear.

Follows the original journal entry:

I have been waiting for some time to follow up on my last journal entry about possible communication with the visitors this summer, to see how things were developing. I haven?t wanted to write this journal entry because it puts me in the position of stepping beyond the question, which I don?t like to do. But we are at a critical crossroads, and I really don?t see that I have a choice, so I?m going to be more frank and more definite in this article than I usually am.

Let?s be clear about something, from the outset: this planet is in the process of an extinction event. It has been unfolding for nearly three million years, and is the result of the rising of what we now call Central America, which destabilized weather patterns and caused earth?s weather to become extremely sensitive to solar fluctuations. This isn’t really news, I know. It’s a simple matter of math–the number of species have been in decline on earth since about that time, and that’s also when the cycle of ice ages that we are presently living in began.

Humanity has evolved in response to the pressure of this continuous environmental change. Just as a smart little dinosaur called struthomimus (with a brain, perhaps, as bright as that of a terrier) evolved in response to the extinction event that closed the dinosaur era, life has once again chosen intelligence as a response to environmental chaos. We are that intelligence, and we have reached a crossroads similar to those we have faced before when the planet?s environment has been thrown into chaos. We must either evolve or die.

I believe, from evidence that I will discuss, that there is somebody in close contact with us?on the ground, in fact, and in control of much government apparatus?who does not want us to grow and survive; who, in fact, seeks our death. Working from within the government at the most hidden levels, it has subverted our own most powerful institutions and left us leaderless and directionless when only the wisest and most considered leadership can save us.

The question, then, is clear: we?re certainly intelligent, but are we intelligent enough? What is here on the ground says no, and is willing to break every rule in the book to make certain that it?s right. Something else, calling to us from outside, speaks on behalf of our survival and our entry into the universe.

The coming close proximity of Mars suggests that this positive presence will have an unprecedented opportunity to interact with us in the coming weeks. I don?t know why this would be, but I do know, as I detailed in my last entry, that Mars oppositions traditionally are accompanied by heavy UFO activity.

So far, there has been a fairly high level of UFO activity worldwide, and some events involving the crop circle phenomenon suggest that there will be a window of opportunity for communication between August 11 and August 24.

Let me explain what I mean. First, it?s necessary to understand that government is already in communication with somebody. If you look at the NASA STS-80 video that I have just placed, with my narration, in the subscriber section of this website, you will see that NASA recorded extensive UFO activity on that mission, and that the way the astronauts used the camera makes it clear that the knew in advance where to point it to record what they wanted to see. The knew in advance because there is communication between our government and this somebody else. Further evidence of this comes from footage from Shuttle Mission STS-48. This video, which was extensively studied by Dr. Jack Kasher, shows objects drawing close to the shuttle, only to be forced to leave the area at high speed by energy pulses being fired from the ground. These pulses were fired from the National Security Agency?s Pine Gap facility in Australia, located in an area known to residents as ?UFO Alley? because of the extensive UFO activity there.

So not only is there communication, there is somebody on the ground who is hostile to somebody who apparently isn?t. I cannot prove it, but I believe, based on many close encounters and years of evidence collection, that it is not us firing pulses of light from the ground, but rather somebody else who seeks to prevent us from getting into communication with a higher level. I believe that this presence is what keeps us trapped here on earth, what prevents mankind from becoming a cosmic being, and what has been maneuvering us toward the earliest possible extinction.

There is a chance, during the upcoming window, that we will be able to gain some sort of contact with the outside. A chance, in other words, to save ourselves.

As things now stand, the die has really been cast for mankind. There are too many of us on earth. If we do not gain access to the greater universe, our planet?s ability to support us is going to come to an end, and soon, certainly within a century and probably much sooner than that.

At the same time that the US government, which I believe to be, in effect, the tool of an occupying power that seeks to sterilize this planet of humanity, shows a mind-boggling lack of leadership, serious environmental problems are closing in on us. Ironically, it wouldn?t even take a great deal of effort to change the present trajectory of environmental decline into a positive one. It wouldn?t cost companies a penny. All it would take is leadership.

But there is no leadership, and the consequence is going to be a phenomenal tragedy, not only human but also cosmic. I say this because mankind is the product of five billion years of earthly evolution and hundreds of millions of years of living development. So, if we are lost, then the universe, also, loses what might be gained by our joining our song to the greater choir of consciousness that I believe fills the universe, and is the aim of its existence.

That is not a small thing, and the attempt to prevent it is a great, great evil. To understand this evil, we are best off looking at our own ancient texts, written when the raw understanding of the ancient mind had not been filtered through thousands of years of denial and obfuscation. If you do that, you find Satan visible in the Bible, and his means of entry into the human soul clearly described in the Egyptian story of Osiris and his brother Set, who killed him out of jealousy and arrogance.

The pure heart of Christian teaching, the Beatitudes, outline very clearly what the soul needs to be pure. We need to live in a state of humility, which means acceptance of self and others, and compassion, which means the decency to understand the other person, and the courage to give them what will help them the most.

So what does all this have to do with communicating with aliens? A great deal. Everything, as a matter of fact. Quite a few different sorts of things could happen this August.

The circlemakers have pointed toward the 11th as an important date, and possibly a very dire one. As indeed, if I?m right about what?s going on, it?s going to be very dire. What has captured us here for these long eons?all of our remembered history, in fact?will fight furiously to keep what it has. It could be that we will see what appears to be an alien invasion that will be resisted by the US military?acting, without the knowledge of the average airman or soldier, on behalf of something so profoundly evil that it is almost beyond imagination.

The first question is, how have they pointed toward the eleventh? Quite simply, really. There exists, at this point, a process of pattern repetition in crop circles. On July 25, 2001, a magnificent crop circle appeared near the Gog Magog Hills in Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire. 49 days later was September 11, 2001. In itself, that?s probably just a random occurrence.

What may not be random, however, is this: On June 25, 2003, an identical circle appeared in a field in Belgium. 49 days later would be August 11, 2003. Using the language of crop circles, if indeed it exists, it could be that the 2003 crop circle is being used to point to August 11 as a day when some extraordinary event, and possibly a violent one, is going to take place. Or it could just as easily be that I?m reading too much into the whole thing.

I do remember well, however, during the summer of 2001 how that first ?angel? made me feel. I felt that it was an image of vengeance, a warning of some sort of impending doom. Its extraordinary, wonderful grace was somehow frightening to me. So, when I saw a new, identical circle appear, and realized that it had apparently been dated in a way that related it to the previous one, I must confess that I felt very uneasy.

Perhaps August 11 of this year will come and go without incident. Probably it will. But, given the coincidence and the unusual but highly acute intelligence of the circlemakers, I think that it would be worthwhile to make some preparations.

What will happen if the visitors actually do begin to approach in numbers, even to start coming into contact with us, to share themselves with a lot of us as they have shared themselves, so far, with a few? For one thing, if there is a lot of physical presence, I think that somebody is going to fight. The Air Force often scrambles jets when the visitors show up. Just a few weeks ago, during an unprecedented crop circle event in Italy, the Italian Air Force scrambled jets. What happened during Mission STS-48 could be a sign of planned resistance. The pulse of energy came from something. The fact that NASA won?t acknowledge its existence means nothing. It?s there, plain to see. And yet, we don?t appear to possess a weapon that could generate a pulse like that, which would survive a journey through a hundred miles of atmosphere without defocusing. Indeed, one of the great struggles of Star Wars has been to create a pulsed energy weapon that will work in space. One that will work in the particle-filled atmosphere would seem to be at least a generation away.

The mission also reveals a reconnaissance by whoever was in control of the small object that drew near the shuttle. Presumably, they could have made their approach elsewhere, in a place where there was no weapon on the ground. But they didn?t. Whoever was up there wanted to see that weapon work.

This would be consistent with one of the most persistent patterns in UFO activity: the appearance of UFOs near military installations. Indeed, the Roswell UFO crashed within thirty miles of what was then the most secure military installation on earth, the world?s only operational atomic bomber wing at the Roswell Army Air Force Base.

Obviously, it?s also possible that we?ve developed a far more sophisticated capability than is publicly known, and the mission video reveals a test of a classified weapons system.

Be that as it may, I know from my own experience, if it is true and real, that there are beings here who are hostile to one another, and some who hate us with a passion so great that it would be considered psychotic if it was displayed by a human being. There are some in a very complex and parasitical relationship with our minds, and some of these seem to me to be close enough to the human to suggest that they are hybrids of some kind. They seem terribly disturbed and awful, and it is my thought that people like this, with their strange powers and bizarre needs, are responsible for things like the housecat mutilations that are taking place at present in Denver and Salt Lake City, and have in the past struck many different cities, so many that the idea of identifying a single human culprit seems absurd.

But each time it happens, each police force assumes the same thing: it?s only happening here and there must be some sort of a madman about. They fail to make an arrest because the institution of government has fundamentally failed to address the question of what is happening and who is here in a useful way.

So where does this get us? I think that there is a possibility that the same presence that has been making the crop circles is going to try to come into direct and open contact with us in August, and that starting on the 11th, there could be some sort of attempt to prevent this.

A similar effort was made in 1991 when beautiful crop circles were appearing the world over. The mystery was being treated with fascination and even sensitivity in the press. Then, in September, the experiment was brought to an end by the appearance of Doug and Dave with boards on their feet. The New York and London Times, the Washington Post, the BBC, National Public Radio, CNN?all the usual carriers of the lie that prevents mankind from acting in a useful manner when it comes to the visitors?flooded us with snickering stories about the ?explanation? for crop circles.

It was a great tragedy, of course, the cruel lie perpetrated by these two evil men and the media drones who, cursing their own souls by willfully choosing ignorance over knowledge, spread the falsity that the circles were explained. This lie has immeasurably harmed mankind and facilitated our continued entrapment on this dying planet.

Last summer, the circlemakers warned us against the liars and clearly identified with a picture exactly who to look out for. We were told to beware the purveyors of the lie, who have been with us forever, it would seem, seeking our ruin by making certain that we remain entangled in superstition and victimized by science that cruelly misses the point of almost everything, providing us with just enough knowledge to understand that we are dying, but not enough to see into the dark depths of our own souls, where Set still wanders, filled with the fatal energy of jealousy that is the core of our weakness and the lynchpin of our downfall.

We are too close to the end to make mistakes now. As matters stand, scientists have already determined two things: first, the Permian extinction 250 million years ago, which killed nine out of ten of all living things and almost sterilized this planet, was caused by a six degree centigrade increase in average temperature, that led to the complete breakdown of the environment and the starvation of billions of creatures. The fossilized bones of vast schools of fish are found in Permian deposits, fish that died en-masse of starvation as they swam; second, they have determined that temperatures on earth will rise by six degrees OR MORE within the next hundred years.

Long before that, we are going to see dramatically rising evidence of breakdown. Already, large fish are disappearing from the oceans, and the extinction rate on land is as great as it was during the climax of the cretaceous that brought the dinosaurs to their end.

I have said in these columns before that mankind is hanging by a thread. Each day, it becomes more true. And the agony of it is that, with leadership, we could slow down the processes that are working against us right now. It would take voluntary action. It would be easy. But it is not done.

While we cannot stop global warming, which is connected to a natural cycle, we could give ourselves at least another two hundred years if there was adequate political leadership. Instead, we have leftists attempting to use environmental issues to jam a planned economy down our throats, and rightists spreading the fantastic and insane lie that nothing is wrong and therefore nothing needs to be done.

Curse the political extremes: they are about the extinction of this species, both of them. Unless the center regains primacy in the US and the world, we are going to enter an age of horrible suffering, and it won?t start in a hundred years. That?s when it?s going to end. Indeed, given the chaotic and ferocious state of the world?s weather, it has already started.

Into this desperate situation come visitors who might be able to help us find the wisdom we need to survive. Against them is arrayed a dark and evil force that gains whatever it gains from our suffering and our destruction.

It will make the visitors seem dangerous and terrifying as they come, if they come. It will make it seem as if the battle we do with them is somehow good and noble. But the only battle we will do is with our own spirit, the death wish that animates so much of human activity, that draws us toward extinction on a tide of shiny cars and lying, corrupt politicians who are worse even than the demons who rule their hearts, because they allow arrogance and greed to rule them.

So, what can we do? Well, now, we can do something. About fifty thousand people started reading this essay. By this point, only the most determined of you are still reading. I have winnowed my wheat, and now comes the message for those of you who have stayed with me. Around the world, there are a few hundred thousand people who have been prepared to work in the way we need to work to help the visitors who want to help us, and push away those who don?t have our best interests at heart. Of those, perhaps only a few hundred will see this message, and just a tiny number will respond to the encoding in it, and know what it really means.

I don?t want to know who you are. Don?t write me. Tell nobody what you?re doing. But the next step will be a series of group meditations. You?ll do it alone. You won?t be involved in any formal group. You can do it anywhere, anytime, it doesn?t matter. We need not do it at the same moment.

I will begin placing on my website some simple meditations, in the audio section, at the bottom of the audio viewer that spawns when you click on ?Listen Now? on the top right hand of the page. You will hear what you need to hear in these words. You will find yourself moving into the truth of this thing on your own. You won?t need any instructions. And if the battle I have been writing about is engaged?in that unlikely event?you will be capable of playing your part in it.

It isn?t necessary to say a word about it. In fact, if open battle is engaged (the world is seeing UFOs, people are disappearing, the military appears to be involved, etc.) then you MUST NOT allow your ego to engage in any way, for that is the enemy?s weapon within you. No matter how extraordinary what is going on inside you may seem, you must not so much as whisper about to your husband or child or closest friend, or write it down in any way, speak of it, ask questions about it, God forbid brag about it or act on it in the physical world in any way whatsoever.

If this gets really intense, you?ll have to do it on the fly. Even sitting down to meditate will draw attention to you that you don?t want. But I can teach you all manner of thing that will have a very real effect in this battle?that, in fact, will be the deciding factor. The strength of the enemy is his control of the powers of the world?the guns, the police, the ballot- boxes, the foolish opinion of the great masses who live by the lies he infests our world with. His great weakness is that he cannot stand against even one good soul, and as long as there are a few such left, or one?just one?no matter how bad things seem, how far away victory appears, the battle is won.

Well, maybe it?ll be a quiet summer instead. It?s evening now where I am writing this, the blue hour. The moon is rising in splendor, night is settling fast. Outside, I hear some children playing, their voices shrill in the magical shadows. When I was a boy growing up, there was written in brass characters across the archway between the living and dining rooms of our country house a quote from Robert Browning?s little poem, Pippa Passes: ?God?s in his heaven, all?s right with the world.?

I learned in the dark and terror of the night, to a heart lifted humbly, that is always true.

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