Terrorists from all over the world are converging on areas in and around the battlefield of the Iraq war, ready to shed blood using the methods only they are willing to use. The Iraqi National Congress reports that a squad of suicide bombers from Saddam’s Fidayeen corps have arrived in Damascus, Syria, the country where Saddam’s family is rumored to be hiding. The mission of Fidayeen is to attack U.S. and British interests worldwide, such as embassies and major corporations. This group consists of 21 people?11 Iraqis and 10 Egyptians. Also, Terrorists from Hamas and Hizbullah, who specialize in suicide bombing, have vowed to carry out attacks against coalition forces in Baghdad. But help is on the way: U.S. military has airlifted about 700 combatants from the Iraqi National Congress into southern Iraq to identify members of the Fedayeen. They’re hard to spot because most of them wear civilian clothes.

Some people refused to participate in this kind of killing: Four Iraqi Republican Guard officers have been executed for failing to carry out orders to attack Shu’la Street in Baghdad, which would have caused many civilian deaths. The idea was that the media would falsely identify these attacks as coming from coalition forces. Other officers of the Republican Guards carried out the execution. Shu’la, a busy shopping street, was struck by a missile recently, killing many civilians, and the U.S. said the missile wasn’t ours, so there were obviously some Republican Guards who were willing to carry out the orders.

The soldiers who bravely refused to kill civilians now know a secret the rest of us will know too?someday.

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