An official Space Weather Advisory issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as Space Weather Bulletin #6 at 12:28PM MDT on June 6, 2000 states that a large solar flare resulted in a very powerful coronal ejection. This mass of highly charged particles is expected to reach earth June 8-9. Strong geomagnetic storm levels are expected. The advisory states:

“This storm may cause some or all effects on the following: power system grids may require voltage corrections, false alarms may be triggered on protection devices, and high “gas-in-oil” transformer readings may occur; spacecraft may experience surface charging, increased drag, and orientation problems may need corrections; HF (high-frequency) radio propagation may be intermittent; intermittent low-frequency radio navigation and satellite navigation problems may occur; and the aurora may be seen as low as 50 degrees.”

This means that cellphones, pagers and satellite-based signaling systems like satellite TV could be affected, alarm systems could be triggered and substantial voltage adjustments may need to be made to power grids to prevent blackouts.

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