A large number of crows are dying in Lewiston, Maine, and the pattern of their deaths does not suggest either disease or accidental poisoning. It could be that the birds are being intentionally poisoned, but the fact that their deaths have been confined to a few certain trees in the area mitigates against this as well, and suggests that these deaths might be a genuine mystery.

Katie Camire writes in the sunjournal.com that dead crows “seem to be dropping from the sky.” Residents of Lewiston see them hanging from the trees and lying on the ground. Some people are scooping up piles of them and putting them in dumpsters. This could be a resurgence of West Nile Virus, to which crows are vulnerable, although it’s late in the year for that disease to surface. When the birds were examined, no gunshot pellets were found in them.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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