Earlier this week, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory had acall from somebody claiming to be “Dodie Crain,” the motherof controversial biologist Dan Burisch. Coast producersconfirmed that the call was probably authentic, but thatcannot be stated for certain.

Dan Burisch has made some of the most controversial claimsin UFO history, including that he has been face-to-face witha living alien in US government capitivity.

Many have found his claims unacceptably strange, and thebiological theories he has described in connection with hisexperience, are either somewhat beyond the leading edge ofcurrent science, or simply invented.

Mrs. Crain said that her son did indeed have a Ph.D. and wasinvolved in secret research in microbiology. In 1993, hecalled her saying that he was “on the floor.” Somebody hadcome into his office and given him an injection in the neck.

Crain further claimed that her son ceased to remember eventsfrom before that time. She has not seen him since.

Coast producers are following up this story, and it islikely to be developed more on the radio program in comingweeks.

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