Eighteen days ago, 70 drums of cyanide were stolen at gunpoint from a truck in Mexico. Every since, people in the states close to the Mexican border have been nervous about terrorists possibly using it to poison their drinking water.

Now their worries are over?most of the cyanide drums have been found near a dirt road in central Mexico. A policeman discovered them in the early morning hours outside the city of Honey, Puebla, 80 miles north of Mexico City, according to the city’s secretary, Juvencio Miranda.

Miranda says when he visited the site, he saw between 60 and 64 blue, 220-pound drums of cyanide that had been dumped a few yards off a dirt road. Army troops, along with federal, state and municipal authorities, sealed off the area and water supplies to Honey were cut as a precaution.

Mexican authorities had mounted a large search for the cyanide for over 2 weeks and U.S. anti-terrorism officials had alerted customs and state agencies to watch out for the blue drums. The driver of the cyanide truck, Juan Carlos Alberto Lopez, is under house arrest in Pachuca, Hidalgo’s capital, about 55 miles north of Mexico City. He admits he improperly left the main highway to take a shortcut to the company that sells the cyanide, Degussa Mexico. He says he stopped to help men in a disabled car, who then pulled guns on him and stole his truck.

Was the driver part of the plot or the victim of a crime? Were the thieves terrorists who were unable to complete their mission? (and 6 to 10 drums of cyanide are still unaccounted for). We may never find out the truth. Learn why we so often don?t find out the truth about the news from ?Into the Buzzsaw? by Kristina Borjesson, click here.

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