The UK continues to have a phenomenal number of UFO sightings.

On July 13, Charlotte Bevan was picking her older sister up from a movie, when she saw a bright orange light hovering above the theater. Cineworld in the town on the night of Sunday, July 13, when she spotted a above her. In the Suffolk & Essex online website, Tom Potter quotes Bevan as saying, “I looked up and saw a bright orange blob in the sky. It was moving from left to right and not making any sound. Then it drifted out of my sight behind the cinema. I went behind to see if I could spot it but by that time I was getting some funny looks anyway so I went home.” When she got home, she looked on the internet and found that “there had been similar sightings earlier this year. They also described an orange object that didn’t make any noise.”

Potter quotes paranormal investigator Malcolm Robinson as saying, “Something very bizarre is happening in the skies over the UK. There have been an unusual number of sightings recently. Some experts believe it could be linked to global warming and craft from outer space are appearing because they are concerned about what man is doing to this planet.”

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