In case you haven’t yet heard enough about the Judas Iscariot controversy started by Anne Strieber in her Easter message, here’s more fascinating information. A reader writes: “On page 37 of Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner says: ‘Another well-born nationalist leader of renown was Judas, chief of the Scribes. The Dead Sea Scrolls were produced under his tutelage and that of his predecessor, the fierce Judas of Galilee, founder of the Zealot movement. Apart from his academic scholarship, Judas the Apostle was the tribal head of East Manasseh and a warlord of Qumran. The Romans had a nickname for him: to them he was Judas Sicarius (a sica was a deadly, curved dagger). The Greek form of the nickname was Sikariotes and its corruption to Sicariote was, in due course, further corrupted to become Iscariot.'” Laurence Gardner has been a frequent guest on Dreamland and his interviews with Whitley and William Henry can still be heard by subscribers.

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