This week on Dreamland, Linda Howe interviews UFO witness Ricky Sorrells, the ONLY witness who saw the north Texas UFO thathas made the national news in daylight. Listen to hisdetailed description of what he saw on Dreamland, and seehis drawings onLinda Howe’ listen to Dreamland, click on the words “Listen Now” onthe right side of our masthead above.)

On January 8, at least 200 people saw a UFO in the ruraltown of Stephenville, Texas, which is about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth. The witnesses included a pilot, a lawman and several businessmen. Reporter Angela K. Brown quotes one witness as describing the UFO “as a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast.” Another witness describes seeing “red glowing lights and then white flashing lights moving fast.” In Linda?s interview, Sorrells reports seeing fighter jets chasing the UFO and describes the UFO as “very large and without seams, nuts or bolts.” A video has become available on CNN of Stephenville UFO witnesses describing what they saw. This turns out to be a gigantic object thought to be a mile long, rimmed with twinkling lights. The reports are strikingly similar to those that appeared during the Hudson Valley flap in the 1980s. The Hudson Valley sightings were accompanied by a wave of abduction reports, including that of Whitley Strieber, who lived around 30 miles from the highest concentration of sightings. He was unaware of them at the time he was abducted.

A week after the Stephenville sighting, KCBD News Channel 11 reports that “the mysterious lights traveling across Texas are now lighting up the Lubbock sky.” Witnesses in Lubbock described seeing four orange lights in a straight line. Lubbock resident Brian Callahan says, “The light was so brilliant itwas like a white light I’ve never seen. The thing that boggled my mind most of all was its speed. I’ve never seen anything move that fast. I’ve never seen any plane move that fast.” In 1951, a triangle-shaped UFO that became known as the “Lubbock Lights” was widely seen.

Reports from both Singapore and Bermuda today confirm that strange lights are being seen worldwide. In both cases, the lights were initially thought to be flares, but then maneuvered in a way to suggest that they were something else. They are similar to the lights seen in Stephenville and possibly also Lubbock, Texas, in recent days.

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