On May 4 on Dreamland, Whitley Strieber interviewed Starfire Tor, who claims many unusual experiences involvingdistortions of space and time. After the interview, Whitleyand Anne Strieber had a small one, which they more-or-lessattributed to being affected by the interview. But now theyrecently visited the Magic Castle in LosAngeles, a legendary magician’s club,with her and magician Brandon Scott. At the MagicCastle, Anne had an experienceof a ‘timeslip’ while actually with Starfire, and this oneis getting harder to deny. (For details about what happened,read Anne’s recent diary.) Starfire promised to investigate and now she HAS and these are the results of her investigation.

The odd experience involved somebody coming out of a tinyladies’ room behind Anne, who could not have been there atthat moment. There was no mystery about who this was: it wasone of the Castle’s photographers. But she had come out of aroom with no other entrances, which Anne had just leftseconds before. The Striebers asked the woman what sheremembered, and she recalled nothing unusual. Her presencein the ladies’ room had startled Starfire, also, because sheseemed to have appeared out of nowhere. But magicians andtrickery abound at the Magic Castle. Was it a magic trickbeing played on Anne and Starfire, perhaps by the veryskilled Brandon Scott and an accomplice? If so, then thisLadies’ Room needs to have a secret entrance.

Starfire Tor has investigated the matter further. First, shewanted to find blueprints for the Castle, so she could determine if the photographer entered by a hidden door. She found the book “Milt Larsen’s Magic Castle Tour,” which, as she says, “explores the origins of every nook, hall, room and corner of the Castle. Along withphotographs and text, Brandon and I discovered that the ladies room didn’t exist until a new wing was built in 1976. Before that, the area where the ladies room is now was nothing but open space and outdoor air. That ladies’ room was built without secret doorways. Therefore, I can say with certainty that thepublic door was only one way for the woman to enter that ladies restroom, and that was through the one and only door.”

But here’s something even more interesting: she writes, “Brandon?noted, that of all the rooms and walls in the Magic Castle, this one section?in front of that ladies room?changes more than any other one. Posters change, statues come and go, and railings change color?Does this change so often because that area is prone to the shifting of reality due to time line anomalies…or is it magic?”

Whitley Strieber comments, “I was standing outside the roomwaiting for Anne, close enough to know that something odddid indeed happen. But the Magic Castle is literally full oftricks–every sort of secret door, etc., that you canimagine, including many which are not well known. So, forme, the jury is still out. I’m going back to investigatefurther. I’m tempted to say that I’ll eat my hat if weweren’t tricked, but I don’t care for hat.”

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To read Starfire’s version of these events, click here. To see a wonderful photo history of the Magic Castle, including photographs of the Ladies Room,click here.

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