Teleportation may be on its way. New technology utilizes a beam of light to attract objects (you and me?). Instead of boarding a plane, we’d pay to have someone at our destination turn on a gigantic lamp. A real-life "tractor beam," of the kind "Scotty" used on "Star Trek" to attract objects has been developed by scientists.

BBC News quotes researcher Tomas Cizmar as saying, "The tractor beam is very selective in the properties of the particles it acts on, so you could pick up specific particles in a mixture." Is this what happens when contactees are "singled out," one person taken and others left on the couch or in the car? (NOTE: Subscribers can listen to this provocative interview).

When microscopic objects are hit by a beam of light, they are forced along the direction of the beam by the light photons. This is why, for instance, tails of comets always point away from the Sun.

BBC quotes researcher Pavel Zemanek as saying, "I am looking forward to new experiments and applications. It is a very exciting time."

In the Huffington Post, Lee Speigel quotes Cizmar as saying, "Unfortunately, there is a transfer of energy. On a microscopic scale, that is OK, but on a macro scale, it would cause huge problems." (Sigh–guess we won’t be teleporting any time soon).

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