A personal letter sent to the late Stanton Friedman in 2010 divulging the testimony of a witness to the recovery of debris and bodies—along with the subsequent attempts to back-engineer the technology—recovered from a flying saucer that crashed in New Mexico in 1947 has come to light. Obtained at the request of the website Mystery Planet, the letter was part of a larger volume of documents that had been collected over the years by Friedman; the letter details one individual’s participation in the recovery efforts of the crashed saucer, what he saw during the event, and what he later learned regarding the secret attempts to recreate the technologies hidden in the craft. The sender closes the letter extending an invitation to Friedman to help him develop the exotic technologies unveiled in the classified documents that the witness, a trusted family member, gave to him.

The letter, sent to Friedman by an individual identified only as “Shawn” from Gatesville, Texas in January 2010, outlines how in 1973 Shawn’s father, an air crew member stationed at Fort Worth in 1947, told him about his involvement in the recovery of crashed UFO debris from “a remote piece of land” in New Mexico. Identified only as “my father” throughout the letter, this individual was asked to examine the debris, having had experience with the mechanics of jet aircraft, and determined that the vehicle was neither American nor Russian. He also told Shawn that he had a chance to examine the bodies and said that he thought that “they were not from this planet.”

Shawn goes on to say that his father became deeply involved in learning about back-engineering efforts involving recovered non-human craft, and would come to learn that the bodies of the entities recovered from the craft were artificially produced, and provided the craft’s propulsion through an “advanced form of telekinesis” that enabled the craft to travel between two points in the universe instantaneously, across dimensions, and possibly through time. Before he died, Shawn’s father gave his son a set of classified documents from a project codenamed RAMP, an apparently unsuccessful effort to back-engineer the propulsion technology of the craft. At the end of the letter, Shawn invites Friedman to help him develop the technologies outlined in the RAMP documents.

Friedman read the letter, evidenced by the notes written by him at the top of the typed document, although it is unknown as to whether or not he responded to Shawn’s request for assistance in putting the information to some sort of use. As a nuclear physicist, Friedman was probably well qualified to make sense of whatever data might be contained in the RAMP documents, although those files, provided they exist, have yet to be uncovered.

It should be noted that at no point does Shawn claim that his father was witness to the famous Roswell crash in Lincoln County—indeed, the word “Roswell” does not appear at all in the document—but that his father was sent to “a remote piece of land” after landing at an air base in New Mexico in early July 1947. A number of UFO crash/retrieval events are alleged to have taken place in New Mexico around that time, so the witness may have been involved in one of the lesser-known attempts to recover alien technology.

The following is the text of the letter itself; while it is a bit of a long read, the description of the craft and its occupants, whether they are true or not, are fascinating:

Dear Mr. Friedman,
January 26, 2010

A friend gave me your address and said you want to hear from family members of military men who witnessed anything related to flying saucers during their service. I have a first-hand eyewitness account given to me by my father regarding flying saucers and so-called “aliens” that I think you should hear. I also have relevant documentary evidence left to me by my father that I would like you to examine.

In 1973, when I was 7 or 8 years old, I bought a comic book depicting the recent alien abduction of two men while they were fishing at night. The abduction story fascinated me. I showed the comic to my father and asked him if he believed it really happened, and whether he thought flying saucers were real. To my surprise, my father told me that flying saucers were indeed real, because he had seen one up close. I asked him when and where he had seen the saucer, and he told me the following story.

My father told me that in the summer of 1947 he was at an air base in Ft. Worth, Texas for reserve training after temporarily discharging from active duty in the Army Air Corps earlier that year. He said he remembered it well because it happened on the Fourth of July holiday weekend. One night he was playing cards when an officer came in and asked for volunteers to make a routine red-eye flight to New Mexico. My father said he jumped at the opportunity, glad to get some flight time (he went as air crew, not pilot). My father loved to fly more than anything. He said he was especially happy because it was his birthday, July 6.

My father said it didn’t take him long to figure out something was wrong, because everything was tense and hurried, as if it was some sort of emergency. He said he knew it was no routine flight when two MPs boarded his plane with fully-loaded Thompson submachine guns. He said they flew together in a C-54 as part of a convoy with a second C-54, a bomber, and two fighter escorts. He told me a general was with them aboard the bomber. My father said they were flying “hot” (armed), and it reminded him of fighter and bomber operations during the war. He said everything was definitely out of the ordinary. When he asked what was going on, an MP told him they thought a Russian jet or rocket had crash-landed on U.S. soil.

They landed at an air base in New Mexico and took trucks and jeeps to a remote piece of land. There were MPs already present, and they tried to prevent the air crews from entering the property. My father said when the General told the MPs the airmen were “his boys,” they were allowed to pass.

On the ground my father said he saw the scattered remains of some sort of crashed aircraft. He said he had seen the remains of crashed fighters and bombers in the Pacific, but this was different from anything he had ever seen before. It didn’t look anything like the other crashes.
My father said he was the only one present who was familiar with the internals of jet aircraft, since he studied jet propulsion and trained as a mechanic on the Army’s first jet fighter (the P-80 Shooting Star). The General knew of my father’s familiarity with advanced jet aircraft, and he asked my father to take a look at the wreckage and “see what he could make of it.

My father said the wreckage was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Nothing resembled the shape of a conventional airplane or rocket. There were chunky pieces of relatively intact metal frame and many smaller, thinner pieces of what looked like a fuselage. Everything was made of a strange metal alloy, what he called “unobtanium,” very light and strong. Some of the pieces could not be bent, while others were extremely flexible. There were also some pieces that appeared to be rusted on the outside or to have been subjected to very high heat.

There were no discernible welds or rivets anywhere in the wreckage, and my father said it looked as if the entire ship had somehow been cast in one piece. There were no motors or moving parts at all, no propellers, jets, or nozzles. There were no visible cables, switches, gauges, vacuum tubes, or electronics of any kind. There were what looked like long, small lights; solid pieces of plastic of what he called “spaghetti” that were not wires or tubes, with no apparent function. There were strange characters on some of the pieces, a type of writing my father had never seen before — although only on the inside of the ship; there were no marks on the outside. There were also a bunch of loose objects with no apparent purpose. The strangest objects he said he found were metal reclining seats the size of a child, with notches for the head, body, arms and legs, including notches for hands with spaces for six fingers. There were no bodies in the wreckage.

After examining the wreckage, my father said he told the general, “Well, it’s not one of ours, that’s for sure.” Asked whether he thought it was a rocket or a jet, he replied, “Neither.” The general asked my father if he thought the Russians had made it, and my father replied, “No, unless that’s Russian writing on there.” According to my father, the rumor at the site was that the ship was a crashed flying saucer, and everyone present instinctively felt that it was not from earth.

My father said that he helped the aircrew collect some of the wreckage, until more MPs and some intelligence officers arrived and told them to leave. He said they returned to the local air base, then the next day they flew the recovered wreckage back to Ft. Worth in two C-54s, again with fighter escorts. My father said that the General returned to Ft. Worth immediately after viewing the wreckage and was not with them on the return trip.

My father said three small bodies packed in ice were loaded aboard his aircraft, and that everybody took a look at them. He was told that they had been the occupants of the crashed craft. He said the ice was melting and the bodies were decomposing and smelling badly. He was able to examine the bodies, which he said were obviously nothing from earth. This is what my father said he observed:

1. They were humanoid, with a head, two arms, two legs, two eyes, mouth, nose.
2. They had no ears and no teeth.
3. They were small and frail with unusually large heads.
4. They had large eyes but no eyelids.
5. They had no genitalia.
6. They had six fingers on each hand.
7. They had skin like a shark.
8. They were the perfect size and shape to fit into the formed metal reclining seats he had seen in the wreckage.

Upon arrival in Ft. Worth, the wreckage and bodies were immediately loaded upon another transport under heavy guard and flown somewhere else. My father said he thought it was all sent to Washington, D.C. Afterward he heard a rumor that a fourth body had been recovered separately later and sent along with the rest of what was recovered.

My father said that he and the rest of the aircrew were immediately debriefed and interrogated by intelligence officers. He said he was ordered never to speak of what he had seen, and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would be enforced under penalty of treason.
My father was a member of the 414 Fighter Group. He was very well-connected within the AAF and the aircraft industry. His stepfather (Charles Eastman) was an officer in Kelly AFB, and got him started in the AAF with special privileges. My father’s dream was to be a fighter pilot, but being too young yet, he entered early as a mechanic and crew chief.

My father was highly intelligent, mechanically gifted, and intensely interested in aircraft, especially jets. He was part of the P-80 Shooting Star program (the Army’s first operational jet fighter) and trained at the plants where they were designed and built, where he was given low-level security clearances. He received special training at airbases and aircraft factories all over the country.

My father was discharged from active duty early in 1947 but continued to train and serve in reserve status until he reentered active duty when the Korean War started. Upon discharge in 1947 he was recommended for continued military training, which he participated in frequently at various air bases and aircraft plants, including plants and bases in Ft. Worth. Soon after leaving active duty my father began formal pilot’s training and attended the Schreiner Institute in Kerrville, Texas, where many airmen and fighter pilots of WWII trained. My father was very loyal and dedicated to the Army Air Corps and, later, the U.S. Air Force.

My father kept an address book with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the airmen he met across the country and overseas from World War II to Korea. He kept in touch regularly with many of them all his life. He regularly attended veterans meetings and reunions, VFW, and spent a lot of time at VA hospitals. My father met a lot of aeronautical engineers at the aircraft plants he trained at and he maintained his contacts with them as well.

My father was an accidental insider in the government’s saucer recovery program. Because he was there at the very beginning, he knew many of the other men who participated and he had access to much inside information. He said these men were forbidden to speak to outsiders of these matters, but could and did continue to talk freely among themselves about it. For years after the recovery, my father continued to follow up and gather information on the subsequent developments through his many contacts (some of who went on to become high-ranking officers and government agents, he said). As one of the first on the scene of the saucer crash, others involved continually introduced him to new members of the program even years later, and they shared their experiences with one another. He told me those involved formed a sort of fraternity surrounding the recovery events they had experienced. It was an upsetting and perplexing experience, he said, and the only ones they could talk to about it were themselves.

My father made it clear to me that he was good friends with some men who were “high up” in the recovery program. Even though he was ordered never to speak of his experience, he continued to ask questions at every opportunity. The following is a synopsis of what my father told me he was able to learn through his contacts over the years:

• The wreckage was taken to a hangar somewhere and carefully reassembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle, which revealed it to be saucer-shaped. Subsequent searches were made for all missing pieces. Some of the men involved in the recovery had their belongings ransacked in a search for the missing pieces, some of which were recovered this way. Many pieces remained missing and unaccounted for, and it was believed that they were still “out there” in someone’s possession. (My father said some of the aircrew took “souvenir” pieces with them, though he did not.)
• The writing inside the craft was never deciphered.
• When electrical currents were applied to the pieces of the craft themselves and the materials within it, they would change shapes and exhibit strange properties.
• It was determined that the frame and fuselage of the craft incorporated built-in wiring and circuitry that was invisible to the naked eye, somehow arranged perfectly atom-by-atom within the metal.
• It was determined that the craft itself and all materials it held had somehow been “grown” as singular pieces on a molecular level crystal-by-crystal, one molecule at a time. The materials were perfectly arranged in geometric lattice patterns with molecular alignment, creating unusual alloys and amalgams with properties not found in natural materials. Our best scientists were unable to reproduce the materials or determine how they had been made.
• The “creatures” (as my father referred to them) that recovered at the crash site had circulatory systems but no digestive organs. It was determined that they somehow absorbed nutrients through their skin.
• The creatures had unusually large brains with four hemispheres separated by bony plates and an extraordinarily large amount of sensory nerve tissue throughout their bodies, arranged in specific patterns.
• The creatures were connected to the craft through a form of wireless technology and formed an integral part of the craft. The creatures and the craft functioned as a single unit. The creatures were not occupants or passengers in the craft per se, but rather they were an operational part of the craft itself. They were far more than mere pilots.
• The creatures were biologically engineered robots manufactured for a specific function, and were merely another component of the craft. They were grown in a laboratory, using similar methods as the other materials. Their flesh and bones exhibited molecular alignment, like the other materials, and were unusually tough and resilient.
• It was determined that the creatures were not representative of the physical appearance and biological type of the beings who designed and built the craft. They were merely drones or machines, and the creators of this technology were believed to be considerably different physiologically.
• There was no propulsion unit within the craft. At first it was believed that the propulsion unit was destroyed in the crash, but it was later determined that propulsion was provided by the creatures themselves, as an “advanced form of telekinesis” (as my father explained it). The creatures themselves — or their minds, rather — were the propulsion and navigational units.
• It was determined that the brains of the creatures served as on-board computers for the craft.
• It was determined that the craft and its components were functioned through a type of non-physical energy which we do not yet have access to, an energy apparently harnessed and controlled by the minds of the creatures.
• It was determined that the energy that powered, controlled and propelled the craft was a form of focused consciousness or thought-power.
• It was determined that the cause of the crash was lightning striking the craft. The lightning apparently incapacitated one of the creatures, which somehow created an imbalance in the forces that propelled the craft, tearing it apart. The craft could not function properly without all the creatures acting in perfect unison.
• The origin of the craft was never determined. It was believed to have originated from one of three sources: a) another planet within the Milky Way or another galaxy in this universe; b) a planet in another dimension; or c) from the earth’s own distant future.
• It was determined that the craft was able to travel and maneuver faster than the speed of light. It was able to virtually dematerialize and rematerialize instantly, moving from one location to another in this manner while defying the known laws of physics. It was determined that the craft could travel many light-years in an instant, by somehow traveling in a “bubble” of spacetime or “warping” or “folding” the spacetime around it and “jumping” through dimensions. It was determined that it possessed the capability to travel interdimensionally, and was believed to be able to travel forward and backward through time as well.
• Attempts were made to “back-engineer” all the technology discovered within the craft, with only limited success.
• Another identical craft had been recovered intact but it was never made functional. The craft would not function without the presence of the creatures, which were the crucial operating component of the machine.
• Efforts to clone the creatures have been made without success.


Because he was persistent, my father was given a lot of information from various sources regarding the recovery and investigation of the disks. In our many conversations regarding these issues, my father stressed to me that the secrets of the discs were feasible technologies that humans could and would one day master.


Witnessing the crashed saucer had a profound impact on my father for the remainder of his life. Before the event, he was extremely interested in all types of aircraft, especially advanced propulsion systems, an interest that led to his early work on the first jets. After the event, he gained a lifelong drive to understand how the crashed saucer functioned and to reproduce the technology. After what he had witnessed, he became obsessed with flying saucers and dreamed of ways to reproduce its propulsion system. He claimed that it was possible and that much work had already been done towards this goal by men he knew personally.


At some point my father acquired a set of classified documents pertaining to a project with the code name RAMP. He said they came from one of his contacts in California. These documents describe the propulsion system of the recovered discs and the efforts made to duplicate it. The documents contain the details of the “advanced form of telekinesis” generated by the creatures as propulsion and how it was believed to work. My father said that the information contained in these documents is the key to reproducing the propulsional technology of the craft.


As a youth my father thought that jets were the way of the future, so he entered the P-80 Shooting Star program to study jet propulsion. He changed his mind, however, when he was exposed to the incredibly advanced technology of the saucers. My father told me that the saucer propulsion was the true way of the future. He stressed the fact that whoever is able to develop and market this technology will become wealthy beyond belief. He claimed there were “unlimited applications” for the technology in every segment of society.


Many times since 1973 I urged my father to tell someone what he knew and to go public with the information. He refused, saying that he had sworn an oath and signed a document and could be imprisoned or even killed if he revealed anything. He made me swear I would not tell anyone either, and he said he would deny everything if I uttered a word about it. However, before he died my father gave me the project RAMP documents, and said I would “know what to do with them when the time came.”


Although the RAMP documents my father left me appear to be genuine, I never had any evidence backing my father’s claims until after his death, when I found some of his military service and training records. The evidence makes a credible case, indicating that he was indeed participating and associating with the AAF in various capacities from 1944 until 1952.


For many years I have kept my father’s secrets. He died a few years ago unexpectedly, and ever since then I have wondered what to do with the information he left me. I believe now is the time to reveal what I know and ask for help, the “right time” my father referred to. He made it clear that I should try to develop the technology and market it, but I lack the resources to do so. I have, however, studied it intensely and made some progress in my understanding of the technologies involved and how they may be applied.


I’m not looking for publicity or notoriety. What I want is someone to help me develop the technology my father left to me. I am willing to share the information in the RAMP documents with you if you work with me in secrecy and help me figure out what to do with the information. If you are somehow not interested, please refer this project to a trusted colleague with the necessary qualifications. Please reply. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.


Shawn [last name redacted],
Gatesville, Texas.

P.S. Enclosed are some records showing the dates of my father’s active service and some of his subsequent reserve military training, as well as some of his qualifications. I am sending these so you will know I am serious. Please see the comment, “Recommended For Further Military Training” made on 6 January 1947 and his arrival sometime before September 17 1947 for further training at the Schreiner Institute. It was between these dates that he witnessed the events in New Mexico.
My father said he would never forget the events because it happened on his 21st birthday: July 6, 1947. He said it was the “wildest birthday party he ever had.” (Note that my father enlisted 5 July 1944, one day before his 18th birthday, of July 6, 1944.)



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  1. Fascinating. My first impressions are that the letter’s references tick a lot of boxes in regards to the UFO/UAP phenomenon. From a reference to the 1973 Pascagoula close encounter event, to the mention of six digit hands. Both things that have been in the UFO lexicon/mythology for years, if not decades. Not judging, just pointing them out.

    The letter feels like its author is being truthful about his recollections. If he wanted notoriety, or simply wanted make the UFO community look bad, there are easier ways to do that. A letter with that kind of detail wasn’t just written off the cuff, it took focused effort and a lot of time. Then to send it to Stanton Friedman, but to not share it with media outlets? It seems like he was honoring his father’s wishes.

    Where I have more questions than answers is the mention of the details that were determined later. I realize he’s only reporting what his father told him, but who, specifically, told his father about the craft’s design and function? Moving forward and backward thru time? Only three possible origins of the craft and its occupants? And no, I don’t expect literal answers from this letter. I’m merely pointing to areas that warrant more investigation.

    Three things I particularly gleaned from the letter were: the references to the vehicle being powered by consciousness, its supposed ability to move between points instantaneously, and inter-dimensional travel. Assuming that these aspects of its design are accurate, they address some of my questions about this phenomenon: what are we actually seeing? It was a craft when it crashed, but what was it as it traveled? What did it look like as it was moving? Consciousness with the ability the project what ever image or form it requires? It seems more complicated than a crashed disc with homologous occupants.

    Another thing that piqued my curiosity is his dad’s statement about the retrieved technology – “…..that much work had already been done towards this goal by men he knew personally.” That’s a bold claim, but the specific UAP I witnessed tells me that there’s truth in this.

    Finally, for now, I immediately recognized Gatesville, TX. It’s all of 65-miles from Stephenville, and home of a UFO flap from 2008. With aerial anomaly reports from that area still coming in, I wonder if there’s some connection between the above letter’s subject, and what is going on to this day. I know that’s a VERY thin line of causality, but indulge me.

  2. Fascinating and this seems authentic to me. While the speculation about three possible origins and capability must indeed be understood as ideas being considered and the truth is much more complex. I absolutely believe that the life force and consciousness are entwined with this technology. The fact that the bodies were designed and also created (something like super advanced 3D printing) makes sense, but I will also throw out the possibility that the creators were telepathically linked (no limit to instantaneous communication and control) and therefore the total of craft and beings was a window for them into our reality.

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing letter. It reaffirms and clarifies many things. I believe if it was not such a small group working on it, we would be farther along. Humanity needs to heal its traumatic past and bring out it best nature and be worthy to join the (inter-)galactic community.

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