In September of 2004, famed psychiatrist and Harvardprofessor Dr. JohnMack, was knocked down by a car in London and killed. A few months later, Harvard professor Susan Clancy published a book based on U.S. government funded research that is packed with what a distinguished researcher says aredistortions and misinformation about theabduction phenomenon. The book was given extensive coverage by the general media, and the new claim became that all abduction experiences are a result of sleep paralysis. The fact that many close encounters involve multiple witnesses and that they by no means all happen at night or start while witnesses are asleep are simply ignored in the government funded tome. Now nuclear physicist and famed UFO authority StantonFriedman offers a powerful and carefully researched reviewof the book. To read it,clickhere.

Whitley Strieber comments: “I had the visitors in my lifefor 11 years. I met them many times while fully awake, bothin my house and in nearby woods. When I left upstate NewYork, they did not follow me. That isn’t sleep paralysis, it’s real life.”

Through medium Glennys MacKay, Anne and Whitley Strieber were recently in touch with John Mack, who in effect passed his mandate for research on to Dr. Gary Schwartz.

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