Can you eat too many vegetables? (Yes, you can–and if you’ve gotten fat from eating "good" food, you should know that Anne Strieber did too, and she wrote a diet book about it, which has now been reduced from $5 to $3 to help YOU reduce). If you’re tired of eating spinach, add it to the solar panels on your roof–it will may them work better.

By extracting the photosynthetic protein (PS1) in spinach–the ingredient that converts light into energy to make plants grow–and coming it with silicon (which is already used in solar cells), US scientists produced an electrical current 2 ½ times more powerful that existing solar cells.

In the Daily Mail, Eddie Wrenn quotes the inventor, David Cliffel, as saying, "Nature knows how to do this extremely well. In evergreen trees, for example, PS1 lasts for years. We just have to figure out how to do it ourselves."

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