First, the drones and the Caret information appeared. Thedrones have been confirmed as real by half a dozeneyewitness interviews and photos from around the US. Thenthere was the spectacular “Gateway” crop circle at WestKennett Longbarrow, then the massive formation in the famous East Field near Alton Barnes, that was created in a matter of seconds and has been the subject of highly unusualmilitary activity, and now there has been an extraordinary UFOoverflight above the English town of Stratford on July 25 thatwas videotaped and observed by at least a hundred witnesses, and may be a direct signal to us.

Witnesses observed glowing lights that manuevered into atriangular formation, as shown in the image accompanyingthis story.

Last week, Whitley Strieber posted the first of a patterningmeditation series, which was based on the “gateway” cropcircle that appeared the night after he announced theseries. The second meditation will involve the use andmeaning of triangles and triads, and why they have beencalled the “building blocks of the universe” by BuckminsterFuller.

Was the Stratford overflight a signal connected with thismeditation? There is no way to know that, but it iscertainly directly related to the subject of the meditation.

To listen to Linda Howe’s report about the East Fieldformation, including a witnesses’ description of themilitary activity involved, click on “Listen Now” on theright side of our homepage and scroll down to the fifthoffering in the list.

To read the Daily Mail’s report of the Stratford incidentand watch the spectacular video,clickhere.

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