Anne and Whitley Strieber still own the famous painting that was on the cover of the original Communion book. In fact, they’ve TRADEMARKED it, so no one else can legally use it. But so many people want to wear it so that they can (hopefully) come into contact that with other people who have had Visitor experiences, that we’ve created a tee shirt with the famous “face” on it. You can get it at our store or you can get one FREE if you subscribe today! Keep reading to learn more.

This incredibly beautiful Communion tee shirt has been created by artist Steve Neill and you can get one AUTOGRAPHED by Whitley Strieber AND Steve Neill by subscribing to Unknowncountry for a year or longer, but this offer ENDS at midnight on May 16, so DON’T DELAY. Everyone who subscribes for a year or is AUTOMATICALLY renewed during this period is GUARANTEED a shirt. ALL premium delivered shirts will be in XXL ONLY, and you must live in the US in order to receive one.

The shirts are also permanently on sale in the store for $26.95 each, ALSO AUTOGRAPHED and current subscribers have a coupon in the subscriber section that will take THEIR price down to just $19.95. (Shirts on sale are in XL and XXL sizes.)

For a double whammpy, wear it while reading The Nye Incidents (soon to be a major motion picture).

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