Most of us aren’t planning to serve fish for Christmas dinner and that’s a good thing, since fishermen are having trouble catching enough of it to put on our tables. That’s not just because of overfishing, it has to do with global warming as well. It turns out that warmer waters due to climate change are causing fish to swim north, away from the areas where they have traditionally been caught.

In, Jeanna Bryner reports that this migration north is happening for the first time in hundreds of years, but it HAS happened before. The fossils of warm-water fish have been found in the waters around Denmark, dating from climate change that occurred in prehistoric times. There is also evidence that during the Little Age Ice in the 17th century, cold-water fish swam south.

Due to global warming, agriculture is going to change in the future?and so will fishing. We just wish that some of our potential presidential candidates would start talking about THIS!

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