Here’s another reason why honeybees may be disappearing: the electromagnetic waves given off by cell phone towers may cripple their navigational abilities.

A recent study done in India reveals that a sudden decrease in the bee population in New Delhi is linked to the installation of a series of new cell phone towers there, as phone companies increase their networks. The researchers found that when a cell phone was kept near a beehive, worker bees were unable to find their way home, leaving the hives with only the queens and eggs. The affected bee colony collapsed with 10 days.

The website reports that researcher Sainuddin Pattazhy predicts that If towers and cell phones increase much more, honey bees might be wiped out in 10 years. Cell service may be interrupted in southern California, because acres of brush are burning in an area where the cell phone towers are located. However, if it rains, that disaster could be prevented and someone we interviewed for this week’s Dreamland may be behind the recent downpour! Meet Starfire Tor IN PERSON on October 16-18: Join us!

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