The solar cycle usually works like this: Every 11 years there is a period of intense solar activity. But the sun has been unusually quiet for years now. However, scientists have obtained evidence that a new cycle of solar activity is starting. The onset of a new wave of such activity had been expected to be well underway by 2009, but the Sun remained surprisingly quiet. Now, in 2010 there are finally signs of the cycle re-appearing. Researcher Steve Smith says, “It’s exciting to see the return of aurora to mid-latitudes,” referring to the periodic occurrence of emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere that have intrigued observers from ancient to modern times.

While we’re still troubled by global warming and climate change, it’s still a relief to see the Sun return to normal. Let’s hope we all start recovering soon–and that includes this website! We need more support from you in order to keep going, so if you love our edge news and great radio shows and podcasts, please subscribe today.

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