Most smokers find it much easier to cut down their number of cigarettes a day than they do to quit smoking entirely. Now scientists know why: they’re actually still getting the same amount of nicotine and cancer-causing agents because they’ve unconsciously changed their smoking style so that the inhale more deeply.

Cancer researcher Karen Ahijevych says, “The human body really is a miracle. It knows when it is not getting what it’s used to, and it automatically does something about it.”

When she studied a group of women smokers, she found that when they were allowed fewer cigarettes, “they took larger drags and smoked more of the cigarette before putting it out. In addition, when smoking fewer cigarettes, the women produced more CO in their exhaled air per cigarette, compared to when they smoked their regular number of cigarettes or increased use.”

“We were surprised at how much the very efficient smokers could increase their levels of CO and nicotine even further,” says Ahijevych. “And the interesting thing is that most of these women were totally unaware that they were changing the way they were smoking to make up for fewer cigarettes.”

??Millions of people want to quit, and they often see cutting back as the first step in a long-term strategy. Unfortunately, our research suggests that this may be giving them a false sense of security.”

We need to learn to care for our bodies, since it?s the key to spiritual health.

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