When the space shuttle touched down in California instead of in Florida, due to bad weather, on the anniversary of 911, California residents who heard the sonic boom thought a bomb had gone off. Are we preparing for another potential terrorist attack? Well, researchers have developed a postage stamp-size sensor that can sniff out poisonous gases.

It changes color as a warning and could also be helpful in workplaces where hazardous materials are used. Researcher Linda Birnbaum says, “This paper brings us one step closer to having a small wearable sensor that can detect multiple airborne toxins.”

In the first Gulf War, US troops drove special tanks with equipped with chemical sensors. With this new technology, all they need to do is sew a patch on their uniforms.

Nothing smells as fresh as the California desert in the fall, which was one of the reasons we picked it for our exciting Stargate Conference Oct. 16-18 (another reason is that we found a place to hold it that’s really affordable!) Come join us: we all still have a lot to learn, and with speakers like William Henry and time traveler Starfire Tor, we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it.

Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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