Residents ofPhoenix,Florida and Germany all reported unusual lights in the skyon Monday night. The lights above Phoenix formed a U, then asquare, then other formations before disappearing. Both theAir Force and the FAA denied that they were aircraft. APhoenix resident, however, claimed that one of his neighborshad launched flares on helium balloons, which accounted forthe sightings. However, the neighbor who had allegedlylaunched the balloons could not be identified.

InSt.Augustine Florida, local media explained that the lightsseen there were made by candle lanterns, which they claimedcan rise as high as five thousand feet. No mention was madeof how visible a single candlepower lantern might be at analtitude of a mile. However, if you light a birthday candle,then drive a mile away, you can see how dramatic such asighting would be.

A YouTube video released by a videographer claiming to befrom Germany also showed orange lights similar to thosevideotaped in Florida.

Unfortunately, at this point, there is no way to tellwhether these are genuine UFO events on a worldwide scale,or the coincidental release of candles and flares. And whoknows, maybe swamp gas was involved, too.

Sometimes you can learn the truth from fiction, and sometimes the truth is STRANGER than fiction!

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