When you go out to a Chinese restaurant, be sure you know where the rice they’re serving comes from: Up to 10% of the rice grown in China is contaminated with harmful heavy metals like cadmium, due to pollution from that country’s rapid industrialization. A new report reveals that this has been going on for years, but (probably due to our dependence on China’s economy), little has been done to warn US consumers about this.

The report says, "During China’s fast-paced industrialization, activities such as mining have sprung up everywhere, releasing into the environment chemical elements like cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other harmful heavy metals. These harmful heavy metals have spread through the air and water, polluting a rather large area of China’s land–a complete chain of food contamination has existed for years." The report said that studies going on since 2007 have found rural villages near mines and industrial areas where health problems such as bone diseases have emerged, mostly among the elderly, who have obviously had the longest exposure. When Anne Strieber lost 100 pounds (over 3 years time), she learned to stay away from carbohydrates like rice. If YOU need help losing weight, it’s good to know that you can now download her famous diet book "What I Learned from the Fat Years!"

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