The ‘Atacama Humanoid’ featured in the documentary ‘Sirius,’ to be released on April 22, was not a fetus as has been suggested by many commentators, but was 6 to 8 years old, according to the team producing the film. According to a press release issued today by the Sirius team, a DNA sample from bone marrow extracted from the specimen provides proof of age. "Ata was male and survived post-birth 6 to 8 years," said a team spokesperson. This would mean that the body, which has nine rib pairs as opposed to a human’s twelve, is not an animal fetus.

The remains were found in 2003 in the Chilean town of La Noria, located deep in the country’s desert interior. La Noria had been a nitrate mining center, but was abandoned when ghost-town hobbyist Oscar Munoz found the body wrapped in a white cloth tied by a violet ribbon. The find gained some attention in the Chilean press, but remained all but unknown until Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project was informed of its existence while at a UFO conference in Barcelona 2009. Since then, Dr. Greer has spearheaded an effort to identify the body’s DNA. The Sirius documentary will present this evidence to the public.

The ‘Atacama Humanoid’ bears a superficial resemblance to the ‘Metepec Humanoid‘ that was confirmed to be a hoax created by a taxidermist. The creator of the Metepec humanoid confirmed that it was a hoax based on the remains of a squirrel monkey.

Like the Atacama Humanoid, some varieties of new world primates also have nine ribs, but the skeletal morphology of the specimen that Greer and his team have had under study is not consistent with a known primate in a non-fetal state. To appear like the Atacama specimen, a primate fetus would need to have been extensively altered.

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