LOTS of them in China – Sinkholes are now turning up in China. In the last 2 months, 35 sinkholes have appeared in various parts of that country. What’s going on in our world?

The Epoch Times reports that Chinese workers discovered a sinkhole in the middle of a street in Beijing in February, and they have discovered 8 more than have suddenly formed in the past 2 weeks and many more that have turned up in the past 2 months. In China, sinkholes usually occur in areas that have been heavily mined, often on reclaimed land. These holes could be due to inferior Chinese building materials.

The June 13th edition of the British newspaper the Sun reports that a sinkhole suddenly opened up with a light weight truck drove over it. In June, a sinkhole 20 feet deep and 27 feet wide appeared in the middle of the day in the middle of a busy highway. Later the same day, about 300 away, a moving car was trapped when a hole about the size of the car suddenly opened up on a main road.

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