Incredible new evidence – The famous Shroud of Turin, which is either a fake or the burial cloth of Jesus (depending on who you listen to) has been found to contain a “death certificate” for “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Vatican scholar Barbara Frale says she found it imprinted on a corner of the cloth in Greek, Hebrew and Latin and has reconstructed it. Frale says that the use of three languages is consistent with a community of Greek-speaking Jews in a Roman colony. The letters are barely visible and would have rubbed off the death certificate, which was glued to the cloth near the face.

In the November 21st edition of the London Times, Richard Owen reports that Frale claims this is proof of the shroud’s authenticity since it could not have been written by a medieval Christian, because it refers to Jesus as “the Nazarene” instead of as “Christ.” This would have been heretical in the Middle Ages.

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