In Europe, the number of children with asthma rises 2 to 3% for every new indoor swimming pool that is installed, meaning that asthma, in Western Europe at least, could at least partly be due to the exposure of children to the by-products of chlorine in the air and water of indoor swimming pools. And in the last decade, the number of people visiting to hospital emergency rooms because of severe allergic reactions has increased to three times what it was in the past.

While swimming pools may be a problem, Jeremy Laurance writes in the Independent that the most common allergies are insect stings and foods such as peanuts and shellfish. It’s thought that many of deaths recorded in hospitals to other causes are actually caused by allergies. A third of the population develops an allergy sometime in their lives, often due to excessive exposure to common allergens. Sometimes these allergies go away?and sometimes they don’t.

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