But how and who owns it? – If December 21st, 2012, really does bring ominous news, or an asteroid wipes out most of the life on Earth, the human race won’t end if we’ve stored away some DNA. But it would be stored on computers and no one knows how long computer hard drives could last.

In New Scientist, Tom Simonite and Michael Le Page Perhaps report that the most crucial losses would occur after half a century, as any surviving engineers, scientists and doctors start to die off, taking their skills and knowledge of the existing technology with them. Recently some NASA tape drives containing valuable information were restored with the help of a retired engineer who had worked on similar systems. Simonite and Le Page write that, “A century or so after a major catastrophe, little of the digital age will remain beyond what’s written on paper.” And quote paper conservationist Season Tse as saying, “Even the worst kind of paper can last more than 100 years.” The oldest surviving “book” printed on paper dates from AD 868 and was found in a cave in China in 1907.

And who owns your DNA, anyway? So far, all attempts to patent DNA have failed Constitutional challenges, but that might change in a future where we had to build our civilization (and ourselves) from scratch.

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