Whales have gotten even for being used as slaves in aquatic shows. Now sharks are getting even too–for having their fins cut off and used in soup. Scientists have discovered high concentrations of a neurotoxin linked to degenerative brain diseases in shark fins. These include Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS).

Researcher Neil Hammerschlag says, "Shark fins are primarily derived through finning, a practice where by shark fins are removed at sea and the rest of the mutilated animal is thrown back in the water to die. Estimates suggest that fins from as many as 70 million sharks end up in soup. As a result, many shark species are on the road to extinction. Because sharks play important roles in maintaining balance in the oceans, not only is shark fin soup injurious to the marine environment, but our study suggests that it is likely harmful to the people who are consuming them."

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