The “shadow” of a small wooden version of the Stonehenge monument has been found about half a mile away from the Stonehenge site (which is in the center of crop circle country). It offers the promise of much more exact dating than has been possible with Stonehenge, because unlike stone, the remains of the wood replica can be carbon dated. Organic objects found near Stonehenge have been dated, and it is assumed that the monument was raised around4,500 years ago.

The actual replica, which was probably an early equivalent of modern architectural models, has disintegrated, but using a magnetometer, researchers have been able to see a circular ditch surrounding a ring of 24 holes where it once lay. There appears to be a burial mound in the center, although nothing like that has been discovered at the actual Stonehenge monument. Maybe that part of the plan was jettisoned or else a long-lost cemetery remains undiscovered there. In 2009, archeologist found a new stone circle a mile away from Stonehenge, meaning that it may have been part of a funeral complex. The blue stones in this newly-discovered circle, which were moved from a healing site in Wales, give credence to the idea that these circles acted as a sort of “hospital.” The burial mound would have nearby so that those who didn’t survive would not be forgotten.

In CNN, Paul Armstrong quotes archeologist Henry Chapman as saying, “Although it would have been made out of timber rather than stone, it’s comparable in scale to the existing Stonehenge monument.”

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