UPDATE – Pedophilia has been in the news the last few years, due to the scandals in the Catholic Church. There’s new evidence that this condition is caused by brain abnormalities. Keep reading to see if YOU recognize one of these predators.

BBC News reports that when scientists at Yale University gave MRI scans to both pedophiles and normal adults, while they were shown erotic material, they found that some of the brain activity in pedophiles was lower than the activity in normal adults. They quote researcher John Krystal as saying, “The findings provide clues to the complexity of this disorder, and this deficit may predispose individuals who are vulnerable to pedophilia to seek other forms of stimulation.”

Other evidence has linked problems in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain with pedophiliac thoughts. BBC quotes researcher Keith Ashcroft as saying, “Sexual behavior is very complex, especially as some people are not aroused by visual stimuli, but by touch instead. I am campaigning for the use of anti-schizophrenia drugs in pedophilia, as these act on a similar part of the brain and may be useful.”

UPDATE: BBC News reports that the Interpol, the organization which investigates international crime, has launched a global public appeal to help identify a man shown sexually abusing children in photographs posted on the internet. To see if YOU recognize this man, click here.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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